Wherewithal to Wear Whatever

Thursday, October 15, 2009

Sunday, May 25, 2008

Maggie, Katie and Kellie made their WWW purchases at the Village Thrift in Pennsauken, NJ. Each gal was under the 25 dollar budget by at least 5 dollars and they all got three outfits plus some extra t-shirts for decorating.



1. I spent the money on cloths of course

2. Well I would where my outfit anywhere

3. I love my outfits because they are very me


Sunday, May 18, 2008

Coming in mid June 2008

Wherewithal to Wear Whatever
So, my sister-in-law and nieces nominated me for "What Not to Wear" because of my lack of interest in any kind of fashion... and because it would be super fun to have a giant party where everyone was on TV. A party on TV would be super, super fun!

The producers got back to them and told them that I was a candidate for the show and that they should send in photos and they'd move forward with production, but my lady and my sister thought I might not be too into it. "Why?" you ask. Well, I've got some problems with that show.

First, who the hell are these people to tell anyone what they should wear? While a makeover should be fun, this is about humiliating regular women and their sense of personal style and then remaking them into a standard mold of what women "should" look like. And god knows I am not about that. I think that the idea that this show perpetrates is a terrible example for girls. Who cares if someone wants to wear a Christmas themed sweater or too tight pants or purple eyeshadow? Personally, I am often disgusted by men in sandals, but who am I to say that someone I don't know has to cover his foot?

I've had a makeover before, on the Isaac Mizrahi show, and it was awesome. It was about fun and dressing up, not about remaking me into someone that I wasn't.

I'm not against fashion. I'm for it. I'm for style and for presenting yourself as you want to... for some people that's Prada, for others it's Village Thrift. For my lady it's Ben Sherman and Adidas. For me it's a uniform of a green tshirt and jeans. I'm for suggestions about clothing, but not about fashion presented as a mandate.

Second, I definitely don't need 5000 dollars worth of clothes. I would be super into 5000 dollars worth of photo equipment or a 5000 dollar trip or 5000 dollars worth of work on our house or on my studio or 5000 dollars worth of living before I have to get a job other than producing my work.

Coming out of the discussion of why I didn't want to be on "What Not to Wear," I decided to create "The Wherewithal to Wear Whatever" project. This is a full blown celebration of personal style. Get ready, friends.


Wherewithal to Wear Whatever Project

Using a 25 dollar budget, buy an outfit, supplement or accessorize a favorite outfit, or blow the 25 bucks on something else and wear stuff you already have. You can use the 25 dollars on anything; a whole outfit, sequins for something, flour sacks, a hat, whatever. Submit a photo of yourself wearing the outfit and your answers to the questions below. All submissions will be posted on the Wherewithal to Wear Whatever website. Send all submissions to

Please send a approximate 4"x5" image of yourself in the outfit and the answers to these questions.

What did you spend the 25 dollars on?

Where would you wear this outfit?

Why do you love this outfit?

Posting on this site will begin in mid June. Feel free to send in your submissions as soon as possible. Every entry we get will be posted. Stone butch? OK. Like to wear shirts with a giant profile of a wolf? OK. Burka? OK. Issey Miyake? OK. Made it yourself? OK. Bought it under the El? OK.